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You can also contact your local service partner directly.
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Spare Parts

Order Sperre Spare parts

Genuine Sperre spare parts are available through our Sperre offices in Norway, the Netherlands, Singapore and China or through our extensive network of agents.

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The Sperre Promise

The Sperre Promise

Any part to any place
in 48 hours

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Sperre X-range


Containerized Solutions

turn-key solutions


Technical guides,
instruction manuals, etc.

30 Years of Spare Parts

30 years of spare parts availability


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Global Network

Sperre’s global network

Service representatives
in 20 important locations

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Service concept

The Sperre service concept – we make maintenance easy!

Save costs on regular maintenance procedures. The safest and most economical way to run a Sperre compressor is to follow the Sperre maintenance routines and use genuine spare parts.

X-range maintenance

With X-range – we have made maintenance even simpler

With the X-control, the operator gains a new level of safety and control. The X-control provides a complete package for easy-to-use control and monitoring functions in one standard, configurable module.

  • Easy to learn and operate
  • Early warning for alarms
  • Information sharing
  • Peace of mind for maintenance
  • Countdown Service Timer

Sperre X-range compressors
Use instruction manuals for ordering maintenance kits and/or follow instructions given in the X-control unit.

Classic maintenance

Sperre Classic compressors

Use instruction manuals and digital information from Planned Maintenance Systems. To order Sperre spare parts, always indicate the compressor's serial number.

Sperre supports you with technical data prepared for implementation in PMS programs. Many of our customers are working on implementation of planned maintenancesystems in their ships


Why spare parts kits?

You have all the necessary parts at hand when you need them.

  • Well organized with clear installation instructions enclosed
  • Complete maintenance for best compressor performance
  • Simpler maintenance planning and logistics
  • Easier maintenance in less time at a lower cost
  • Necessary parts only
  • Minimized risk of breakdown
  • The spare part and overhaul kits from Sperre make it even simpler to carry out planned and cost-effective maintenance