Sperre Compressor products

X-Range Compressors

The Sperre X-range compressor offers a number of innovative and improved features. In short, the X-range brings the field of specialized compressors a great step forward to a new level of efficiency. That means considerable savings throughout the lifetime of your compressor system.

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Classic Compressors

Sperre Classic compressors have a unique reputation – they are by far the most frequently chosen compressors on the world’s oceans. For smaller compressors, the HL range is our ultimate recommendation.

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Complex Systems

Sperre has an organization with highly skilled and experienced engineers. We develop solutions tailored to the customer’s specifications. Our technical experts are the best discussion partners, and put together optimal compressor solutions for your special project. Leave it all to us.

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Booster Compressors

Sperre Booster Compressors are based on our well know Classic range and developed for high pressure systems as a plug and play solution. We can also deliver our booster compressors with filter package and cooler.

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