Any Part to Any Place within 48 hours

26. April 2019

”We aren’t happy until our clients are happy,” says Rune Hoff, who is one of those responsible for emergency orders in Sperre. In After Sales, 10,000 orders for parts are received every year and 97% of orders are dealt with and the order dispatched on the same day. How can a company located on an island off the west coast of Norway have cornered 20% of the global market share for compressors? One in five ships in the world are fitted with compressors from Sperre.

Life Cycle Concept

The idea behind Life Cycle Concept indicates that Sperre is a reliable supplier that clients can trust now and in years to come. “Our quality compressors are made to last, and we guarantee that we will have spare parts in stock for 30 years,” Aarsund explains. “This is the normal lifespan of the ship. Our Life Cycle Concept therefore reduces both cost and risk.”

As a total solution supplier, Sperre gives the client added value beyond the product itself, in terms of speed and service. “We support our clients even after the installation of the compressor,” Aarsund continues. “Sperre has a 24/7 telephone service, which contributes to the client feeling safe and secure with us.”

Furthermore, Sperre offers a Spare Part Kit that the crew can easily use should the need arise (Plug & Play). In this way, the risk of downtime, which can prove expensive for the shipping companies, is reduced.

“The high quality products and our service concept that we offer to our clients is the key to Sperre’s success,” Aarsund explains.

In 2017, Sperre was awarded Supplier of the Year by Incentra, a Norwegian procurement organisation consisting of 45 shipping companies that have some 900 ships throughout the world.

Empty Inbox Every Day

“If we receive an order five minutes before closing time, we meet it,” Rune Hoff from the After Sales department tells us. “The spare parts are packed, registered and prepared for dispatch on the very same day in 97% of cases.”

This service leaves our clients very happy! We recently had this confirmed by email from a client in England. The grateful client could tell us that his order was met and confirmed by Sperre at 1.23 pm. The spare parts were delivered to Cornwall in England within 18 hours. This was not all, in the email, the client had taken the time to calculate the distance as the crow flies from Sperre to Cornwall, which is 1780 km. Further calculation showed that this gave an average speed of delivery of 98.88 km/h during the 18 hours after the order was placed.

“Every working day finishes with an empty email inbox,” Rune Hoff tells us. “All our colleagues are dedicated and when someone is on annual leave, others take on their orders. The aim is to have all ordered spare parts ready to be sent every day. This gives added value to the clients, and we aren’t happy until our clients are happy,” Hoff concludes.

The Client in Focus

Sperre always has the client in focus. ”Communicating with clients is the be-all and end-all,” Arnstein Kvernevik, who is the aftersales manager, explains. “We have chosen to foster close links with our clients by having direct contact with the end customer. In this way we pool our knowledge with the client’s knowledge in a partnership.”

Over 80 years, Sperre has gained a reputation as an innovator. “With new products being constantly developed to meet our clients’ wishes and requirements, I would say we are head and shoulders ahead of the competition,” Kvernevik declares. “We have close contacts within innovative communities, such as The Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Sperre keeps a close eye on the market and creates products on which the client can rely both now and in the future.

“Sperre is a good brand to represent, and for me, it has always been a pleasure to work for the company for so many years,” Kvernevik concludes. “The brand is a result of how we treat and provide future service for our clients.”

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