Compressor Watercooled XW060 - 30 Bar


Safety first - A fully enclosed structure
Green and clean – No oil mist to the environment
A new level of control
Easy to learn - One common platform
Less installation time – No special alignment
Easy plug-in for sensors
25% fewer wear parts – 50% more reliable
Best cooling efficiency in the market
Low vibration level – High grade of isolation
Improved standard scope of supply
A new generation of true 1800 RPM compressors
Charging capacity at 1775 / 1475 RPM 70 / 60 m3/h
Power requirements 1775 / 1475 RPM 15 / 13 kW
Heat dissipation to ambient 1775 / 1475 RPM 2 / 2 kW
Cooling water req. 1775 / 1475 RPM 30 / 25 l/min
Weight complete (standard motor) 425 kg
Dimensions 1180 * 890 * 800 mm (L * W * H)


No. of cylinders 2
Cylinder arrangement 90o V
No. of compression stages 2
Cooling Fresh water
Valves LP 1 Plate valve
Valves HP 1 Reed valve


Oil type Synthetic oil See approved list
Oil volume 8 liters
Lubrication system Splash

Operation parameters

Max. delivery pressure 40 barg
Max. ambient temp. compressor 55oC
Max. ambient temp. controller 55oC
Max. ambient temp. electric motor 45oC (55oC on request)
Outlet air temperature Approx. 25oC above ambient
Max. noise level 95 dBA
Max. vibration level 15 mm/s-RMS
Min. isolation grade 90 %
Safety valve set point HP3 barg above HP
Safety valve cooling water6 barg
RotationCounterclockwise (looking at compressor front)

Compressor paint

Sperre silverPowder coated RAL 9006
Sperre greenPowder coated Munzell 7,5 BG 7/2
Other colorsOption

Mechanical components

Integrated Loose
Non return valve air outlet
Oil & Water separator LP
Oil & Water separator HP
1st stage safety valve
2nd stage safety valve
Safety valve cooling water
Oil level sight glass
Air suction filter
Inter- and after cooler
Three vibration isolators
One lifting lug
Flexible hose air outlet
Flexible hose water inlet
Flexible hose water outlet
Flexible hose drain

Electrical components

Integrated Loose
Local starter with extended controller
Transmitter LP for alarms and stops
Transmitter HP for alarms and stops
Transmitter temp. outlet for alarms and stops
Transmitter oil level for alarms and stops
Solenoid valve for drain / unloading


Integrated Loose
Cooling water pump
Central starter with extended controller
Central starter with basic controller
Local starter with basic controller
Spares according to class recommendation


Manufacturers test protocol
Class certificate
Spares according to makers recommendation


General arrangementGXW060.pdf
Installation diagramIXW060-090.pdf
Compressor drawingCXW060.pdf
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